A Weekend in the Life.


Happy Monday, my honey bees!

I know it’s the start of a fresh new week, but I’m still daydreaming about what a great weekend I had. The goal of my Thursday-Sunday was to recharge, so I focused on doing a few things that really help me reset.

To kick start this peaceful  weekend, I took a yoga class on Thursday at Big Power Yoga. The theme for our practice was vitality, and it encouraged me to channel my actions toward activities that would keep me energized mentally, physically and spiritually.


A couple of my girlfriends, including Haley from RedRhinestone, accompanied me on my adventure, which began at Whole Foods. We picked up this delicious infused water, which was much needed because the power flow class we took was heated! I actually doubled up and also got a maple water since I’m trying to hydrate as much as I should.


Saturday, I made a quick shopping trip. I know what you’re thinking: shopping? To recharge? I’ll explain in a moment. To streamline my running around, I swapped out my go-to satchel for my petite Kate Spade crossbody. Its lightweight construction and convenient shoulder strap help me to move quickly through the stores with minimal bulk.


Back to how shopping helps me recharge. I made my first trip (ever!) to Sam Moon, and it was really enjoyable! Looking at all of the accessories, purses, belts, and trinkets gives me fresh ideas and perspectives on putting outfits together, which is really great for my blogging lifestyle. Sometimes, I get into a bit of a fashion rut and a lot of my outfits start to look and feel the same, so taking a trip to browse through such a wide array of items and dreaming up ways to style said items truly helps to open my eyes.


Finally, and quite possibly my favorite piece of recharging, comes the activities that add value to my homebody nature. I didn’t take a picture of the glorious nap I took (not very flattering, haha) but I did get some cooking done! Breakfast always seems to be the meal that I forget about, and therefore I end up either eating something that’s not great for me, or not eating at all (which is worse). But these quick little egg muffins are oh-so-easy and have been a life saver!


You literally take whatever you happen to have on hand that goes well with eggs (I had green bell peppers, red bell peppers, yellow onion, and some deli ham from my lunch salads during the week) and dice it. This is completely optional, but I like to take an extra 3-4 minutes and saute my veggies to soften them up a bit. Mix with 6-8 eggs, add salt, pepper, and a splash of milk or cream, and fill your sprayed muffin tin. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.


And there you have it! A simple, quick, and (most importantly) yummy breakfast that you can eat on the go. I think next week I’ll try it with spinach and feta.


Last but not least, I wanted to share with you that I’ve started whitening my teeth with Smile Brilliant whitening trays (review coming soon). I’m actually wearing my trays in the above selfie! So far, so good. They’re not at all intrusive and I just wear them while I go about my typical weekend activities. Can’t wait to share my story with you all!

I hope that everyone had as nice of a weekend as I did — what did you get up to? Was your weekend relaxing? Exciting? Adventurous? Low-key? However you chose to spend your time, cheers to the start of a new week and the close of 2017’s first month!


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