Happy Taco Tuesday, bopo babes! Since we’re still adjusting to the start of a new week (or at least I am, haha), I thought I’d pop in with a quick post about dressing comfortably.


Before I started my body positive journey, I’ll admit that I felt definite pressure to portray a certain image of plus size. I would always overdress, look ultra girly, and play up my “more desirable” features. As I’ve become more comfortable with my body, I’ve also opened up to trends that I always loved, but thought I couldn’t pull off as a plus size woman. Athleisure is one of them, and I’m adoring every minute of it.

In the past, whenever I tried to wear sporty outfits, it was like an open invitation for complete strangers to ask me about fitness goals and losing weight. I’d always feel a bit embarrassed when I’d tell them I liked to exercise on occasion through enjoyable activities (like yoga or dancing) and wasn’t really subscribed to any sort of diet, nor did I have a “dream weight” in mind.

Now, I’m rocking my athleisure with the same confidence in which I rock a dress and heels, whether I’m headed to the gym or just throwing on comfy clothing to do some shopping. I can’t get enough of this laid-back trend!


This pic is blur-a-licious because I was skipping. Yes, literally skipping.


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