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Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all of my honeybees who celebrate! I don’t care if it sounds cheesy: You’ve each been an incredible gift to me this year. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I’m sure you’ve heard of spring florals. [cue Meryl Streep inΒ The Devil Wears Prada: “Groundbreaking.”]

But what about winter florals? I can’t believe how many fashionistas are tempted to tuck away their blooms to the dark unknowns of the back of the closet for an entire season every year. In the right color palette, I think that floral print can look cool and crisp for the winter months. Take this Eloquii offering, for example.

Designed with a winter-friendly navy base, bright white and red flowers liven up this dress. Fun touches like cuffs with gold-tone buttons and an adorable black velvet neck bow give it quirky girl appeal that ups the style factor. I have to say, each time I wear this piece, I feel very high fashion.

The fabric is nice and light, yet substantial, which means two things. One, it will pick up wind the way youΒ want it to. Think more street chic and less bare-it-all. Two, you can easily wear this dress in the wintertime under your most stylish peacoat without worrying about sweating on a brisk walk (my main complaint about sweater dresses).

I will say that the price point is a bit higher than the pieces I typically share on the blog, but I do believe that any well-rounded closet can benefit from a few high-end items. And with Eloquii dresses, I’ve found that you certainly get your quality’s worth. From the construction to shape, you can tell that this company doesn’t cut corners on their products.

Can I afford to shop them all the time? Probably not. But for a dress that I can wear out around town or in the office, on a visit home to Buffalo or a day of museum hopping here in Houston, I’d say it was well worth the price tag (regularly priced: $139 – I bought it during a sale).

Now, that said, Eloquii regularly has dress sales and their clearance always has a wide range of offerings, so you don’t ever have to dig far for a great deal.

For me, I felt this dress was a must buy for three reasons: timeless print, high neckline, and its fit-and-flare silhouette. It’s pretty much Sarah-Jane style wrapped up into one garment. And my honest advice? If you ever find a piece that you feel speaks to you on that level, treat yourself.



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