Bare Necessities

Now that I’ve been blogging for a little over a year, there are definitely some things I’ve started to notice. And one thing that continues to amaze me is just how difficult (but fun) it is to come up with fresh ideas on plus size fashion offerings. At the heart of it, I just want to bring you tools and knowledge that translate easily and effectively into your everyday life, no matter what kind of fashionista you are.

If you’re reading this, it’s too late (couldn’t resist a Champagne Papi reference) there’s a good chance you trust my style advice. So, let me give you a little tip I’ve learned slowly but surely over the years: less really can be more.

Let me explain. There was a time when I was convinced that every outfit needed a necklace, a bracelet, earrings, a handbag…you get the idea. And what it led to was 1) my bank account being sad during a time that I was trying to be more adult-like about my finances and 2) an unnecessary amount of clutter as I attempted to build up a broad collection of timeless and fast fashion accessories that, quite honestly, I’d often wear once or twice and then never again. That’s not very smart fashion.

However, now I’ve found that visually interesting pieces can speak for themselves. Take this seemingly minimalist outfit, for example. The neckline features lace-up tassel ties that are accented by crochet trim. The sleeves are side-slit with a subtle bell structure. And the heels are multimedia stacked wood with faux leather and silver-tone studs. What I’m saying is, there’s more to this outfit than meets the eye. Two simple items. And they can stand alone, no accessories required.

I’ll admit, being from a working class family background, I did used to feel insecure when my friends constantly had new outfits with all the accessory bells and whistles. However, I’m grateful for those experiences now, because they forced me to get creative with my fashion sense. I learned how to recycle the same few pieces and bring them to life in different ways every time. I learned how to turn thrifted finds into envy-worthy ensembles. I learned how to work with what I had instead of being jealous of what I didn’t have.

And you can, too. On any budget. Just remember: let the beauty of the pieces speak for themselves. Minimalist never has to mean boring.

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Photos by Wonderland Exchange

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