Bee Mine: Plus Size Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas, Part 1

Here on SarahJaneReign, I feel like I’m constantly talking about holidays and how much I love them. And Valentine’s Day is no exception. Not only do I adore showing my honey some love, but I look forward to spreading love in all forms – from girl time to charity work.

For so long, I used to stress out big time on what to wear for Valentine’s Day. Do I have to wear red red? Does it have to be sexy? The short answer is, of course, no. It can be whatever you want it to be!

But I know that coming up with ideas while balancing everything else in life can be really difficult. For me, looking at other bloggers, like Boardroom Blonde and Sometimes Glam, really helped me figure out my look for Valentine’s Days past. And with this series of outfits I’ll share over the next couple weeks, I’m hoping to do the same for someone else!

classy and classic

Today’s look is for my classic babes out there. You’d describe your look as refined and beautiful, with an element of elegance. Great news, I have a find for you that won’t even set you back $30!

This circle dress from Shein is Valentine’s Day-ready in every way. It hits just below the knee, which is great for showing off a bit of leg without having to worry about showing too much. Its self-tie ribbon gives you control to make the piece your own. For example, the model photo has the belt tied into a front bow. I prefer a knotted look, so I put my own spin on it.

And although it’s very conservative in length, the surplice neckline brings just enough of the sexy back. Being a 42F, these necklines are normally a no-no for me (I hate when my cleavage takes over a look). However, the structured fit of the fabric keeps everything contained, with just a wink of cleave. Perfection.

Reign Tip: Want to keep the girls hidden away? Slip a lacy cami or a bralette under this dress for extra coverage.

Sizing with Shein

When Shein reached out to me to collaborate, I was really excited. I love to be able to introduce my honeybees to new brands, especially if they’re wallet-friendly (which Shein definitely is). That said, I know it can be scary to try a new brand when you’re not sure how the clothing will fit. So I’m here to talk about sizing!

Because I’m…ahem, “stacked” as I am, I tend to like a slightly loose fit on my clothing. I typically take a 2X in skater-style dresses, and a 3X in anything body con. With Shein, however, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the sizing chart. This is a skater-style piece, but I actually had to size up to a 4X. It was well-fitted through the bust and waist, and flowed out perfectly over my hips.

I will say, the arms were a tad snug in the upper region, so please keep that in mind! Length was fantastic. As you can see, I’m wearing pretty high heels (I believe these are 3″) and I have plenty of length to play with.

The quality of the material was also better than I anticipated. When I saw the prices, I was concerned that there would be a sacrifice in quality. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. I’m confident that I’ll get plenty of wear out of this dress, and the material feels really good.

where to wear

This outfit is definitely meant for date night with your special someone. However, one of the things I love most about it is how easily it can transition from work to night out, thanks to its modest length and smart silhouette. After all, there’s a good chance that if you get out of work at 5 or later, as many of us do, you won’t have a chance to stop home and change before your dinner reservation.

And, since it’s open in the hip area, you won’t need shapewear for this one (not that you ever need shapewear, but I like to wear it if I’m wearing something fitted through the hips).

meet your match

So, is this outfit for you? If you believe that brains & beauty are a killer combination, and identify with sophisticated icons like Jackie O, Jennifer Connelly, Mayim Bialek and Alicia Keys, this ensemble will suit your personality perfectly.

Give it a try this Valentine’s Day, and show me your SarahJaneReign style! It’s available for purchase here, and when you spend $59+, you can use code sarahjane20 for 20% off your total purchase.

I hope your Valentine’s Days are filled with love, my honeybees – stay tuned for the rest of this series!

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