Lone wolf


Lately, I’ve been reevaluating what it means to be body positive. So often, I think we only focus on the commonly understood approach: being comfortable with your physical form. And don’t get me wrong, that is so incredibly important.

But let’s be careful not to forget about things like being mind positive. Or soul positive. Let me explain.



Those of you who know me personally, or who have met me at an event, know that I have a pretty bubbly personality. I’ll admit, sometimes, I really like soaking in the limelight, working the room, chatting everyone up and joking around.

At the same time, however, there’s a side of me who’s kind of a lone wolf. And sometimes I’m not so kind to myself about that. I feel pressure to force myself to socialize and be “on” all the time.



But the lone wolf is part of being true to myself. It’s the reason that I start out kind of shy in new situations. Or that I’m somewhat of a homebody. I like my independence, and I like to lead. I don’t necessarily like being lumped in with groups or identified with any one “pack.”



And that’s totally okay. I need to be mind positive, and realize that’s just who I am. There’s no reason to beat myself up over it or wish I were different. Being a lone wolf doesn’t mean I can’t collaborate or work in a team. And it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to communicate. It just means that I don’t necessarily seek out the company of others.



As with all things, I know this is part of a bigger journey. I can’t change my negative thinking overnight – but I can always take steps toward being more accepting of myself.

Just remember: there’s no reason to conform and be like everyone else. Our differences make us awesome in our own ways. So you just keep right on being you. Together, we can take steps toward conquering self doubt in all forms.



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