Gulf Coast Getaway: Biloxi, MS

Hey there, honeybees! Today’s post is inspired by something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now: share details about the vacation Luis and I took along the Gulf Coast last fall. This will be divided up into a tale of three cities — Biloxi, MS, Mobile, AL and New Orleans, LA — each offering great ideas for a budget friendly road trip.

Now, it may not be as “tell me all about it” as leaving the country or as glamorous as going to a big city, but for anyone who lives near the Gulf Coast, this is a cost effective trip that still feels like a luxurious getaway. Luis and I are both laid-back people, so the cozy comfort coupled with quaint stops and good ol’ Southern hospitality was perfect for us. And I love road trips for the togetherness and memory-making they provide. The best part? Each leg of the trip is totally customizable and can be as long or as short as you like, tailored with all of your favorite activities.

Luis and I, ready to hit the road!

We took five days for our vacation, using Biloxi, MS as our “home base” of sorts. What I mean by this is that we had a hotel room in Biloxi for four nights, and we took day trips to Mobile (1 hour away) and New Orleans (1.5 hours away).

where we stayed

During our trip, we stayed at the incredible Palace Casino & Hotel. It’s the only smoke-free casino in Biloxi, and that was definitely an important factor for us when we chose our accommodations.

The Palace Casino & Hotel Lobby

We chose a casino for several reasons: one, you can get a great deal on a midweek stay. Two, there are multiple restaurant options, offering flexible and convenient dining without having to leave the hotel. I am all about convenience during a vacation, no matter how much of a budget you’re on. Three, we’re not really gamblers, but the casino itself is an option for entertainment. And, we did take $20 each and play the Ted slot machine together! Luis, of course, walked away with a positive net. Can’t say the same for myself, ha!


Also, our room had this gorgeous view of the Biloxi Bay:

Shout out to my reflection in the window!

what to do

Our time in Biloxi was so magically relaxing. The beach town vibe and lack of itinerary made it possible to do, well, whatever we wanted! I laid out by the pool and read all afternoon one of the days, for example. My definition of a perfect vacation day.


Two of the mornings, we visited this adorable little coffeeshop called The Greenhouse on Porter. All they serve is pour over coffee, tea and biscuits, but they do it dang well. It’s just the kind of hangout you could only find on a no frills adventure. With inspirational posters, board games, and a resident cat all housed in a literal greenhouse, it quickly earned a place in my heart. Bonus: we were lucky enough to be in town during the Great Biscuit Tournament, where locals submit their favorite biscuit recipes and patrons get to vote on the winner.

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Other than relaxing and dining, we did a lot of chatting. Authentic, deep — it reminded me of when we first started dating. Whether we were strolling along the shore, perusing the boardwalk shops or kicking back in the room together, we really opened up to each other and spent a lot of time talking. I value that above everything else.

Honestly, I can’t wait to visit Biloxi again. It was so nice to be able to get unplugged and yet, become connected. If you’re looking for together time with your sweet pea or simply searching for a budget friendly road trip, Biloxi, MS offers everything you could want and more.

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