My dad has a tattoo on his inner forearm of a dragon. Growing up, I loved to hear the story of why (really, I loved hearing any of his navy stories, and I still do. He’s a great storyteller.) He’d tell me tales from faraway places and how he got the tattoo of the dragon because he was born in the Year of the Dog, and folklore advises to “beware of the dragon.” And young Sarah-Jane would giggle at this, because I’m born in the Year of the Dragon.

But at its core, the meaning behind his tattoo is a spin on the well-known adage, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” My dad has always taught me to face my fears head-on.


So when people ask me why I chose to build my blog’s community around everything bee-related, from the Queen Bee persona to calling my followers my honeybees, it has a lot to do with this sentiment. You see, I’m extremely allergic to bees, and I grew up being terrified of them. In some manner, this is my way of tackling that fear and taking ownership over something that scares me.

That said, it’s no wonder why this bumblebee-inspired outfit makes me feel fierce. With a combination of lace work, fringe and caged heels, it delivers a major fashion “sting,” if you will. And that’s one of the things I love about fashion. Every day is an opportunity to wear a secret badge of courage that only you have to understand. To the world, this looks like a casual outfit. To me, it’s empowerment.

I know it may sound silly, but fashion speaks to me on a very deep level. Sure, I have plenty of days where I just throw on whatever without thinking about it. But I truly love having the option to make a statement – any statement I want – whenever the mood strikes me. And that, my honeybees, is powerful.

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