Today’s post is short and sweet, just like me! šŸ˜›

Since I started blogging, the same question seems to come up again and again: “Sarah-Jane, how did you get to be so confident?” That’s a good question.

Honestly, part of it was luck. I was the youngest in my family, and grew up with parents and siblings who inspired and encouraged me, and never made me feel like anything was out of reach. I was taught to aim high and achieve.

However, my trick for days when I’m really not feeling itĀ is to turn any situation into my personal catwalk. Whether I’m strolling into work (on time, and never 5-10 minutes late…haha) or trekking through the city, I’m focused from head to toe. My mindset, outfit, walk, and attitude are all on point. I put forth a lot of effort to ensure that I stay positive, upbeat, and energized. It sounds cheesy, but I believe that each day is a gift, and I intend to treat it that way!

So get out there, and make the world your runway. Until next time, keep slayin’. <3




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