Gone Fishin’: How to Wear Fishnets

Ever since high school Sarah-Jane fell in love with Hot Topic, fishnets have been my jam. Teal, rainbow, hot pink, big diamonds, mini diamonds, patterned…you get the idea. Even as I got older and entered the “real world,” fishnets stayed an evergreen part of my wardrobe. They’re less restrictive than traditional tights, so finding a great pair of plus size fishnets is pretty easy – plus, this is a trend that won’t break the bank.

And sure, since the trend exploded everywhere on Instagram around this time last year, I’m sure you’ve seen all the ways you can utilize fishnets for your fave street chic looks. But did you know you can also wear them for a classy date night? Or how about to work? I wear fishnets all sorts of places, fairly regularly, and I get compliments on them from even the most conservative of fashionistas. Let’s take a look at my top tips:

the short and the long of it

For fishnets to translate into everyday settings – like the office – I recommend choosing dresses or skirts that hit at about the knee or longer. This keeps your outfit modest, and prevents your daywear from looking like club wear. To elevate the look, I like to keep my dress on the minimal side of things. For example, here I went for a black Avenue dress with beautiful textured fabric.

On that note, unless I’m wearing a super classic piece like a pencil skirt, I also prefer wearing fishnets with fit-and-flare or A-line silhouettes. For a daily wear look, it helps minimize the sex appeal, making it more appropriate for more settings.

bring those heels to heel

As I mentioned, my end goal when I’m wearing fishnets on an everyday basis is to get that glam look without looking too va-va-voom. With that in mind, heels are a no-no, as they automatically evoke come hither vibes when paired together.

Believe it or not, I actually like to wear mine with tomboy-inspired boots, like these Rocket Dog booties (similar style linked here for under $30). Their boyish look balances out the overall look and feel of the outfit.

Another option that’s perfect if you’re just starting out with this trend is to try them with knee-high boots, leaving only a sliver of fishnet visible.

the outfit’s exclamation point

Of course, accessories can make or break any outfit. For this ensemble, I added a pretty statement necklace. I feel like its feminine features and crystal touches help to soften the look.

Finally, I added in this blanket scarf-inspired poncho to cozy up the look and give it laid-back flair. It may sound like this outfit requires a lot of elements working together, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy to put together chic fishnet outfits that can be suitable for practically any setting.

Are you caught up in the fishnet trend? What’s your favorite way to wear them? And if you’ve never worn them, I hope that these tips encourage you to give them a try – they really are a great item to have on hand!


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