Today, I want to talk about the green-eyed monster: jealousy. It happens to the best of us, including me. Actually, it happened a couple of weeks ago when I purchased this dress.

I was coming out of the dressing room in Charlotte Russe, and a gorgeous girl who was a size or two smaller than me was trying on the same dress in a different color. I immediately focused on on the fact that I had something she didn’t have: the “dreaded” VBO. Visible belly outline.

I was instantly jealous. Yes, me, the diva. Jealous. For just a split second, until I came back to Earth and remembered that I adore my body, “imperfections” and rolls included.

Throughout my body positive journey, embracing my VBO has been one of my toughest challenges. I think my mind was so warped to believe it was a bad thing, that I tried everything in my power to make it go away: I wore double Spanx like certain celebrities, resorted to flared skirts that took the attention away, I did crunches until I thought I was going to fall apart.

In fact, I lost 35 lbs. last year and the part of my body where I lost the least amount of inches? My tummy. So, my VBO is quite stubborn (much like myself) and it is here to stay. What’s a girl to do?


Well, this girl takes chances. I bought the dress and rocked it, even to work, even knowing that people were going to (*gasp*) know that I had a belly.

Over the last year, I’ve really learned to love wearing body con dresses. They’re figure-hugging, sexy, and sassy. They give you a certain sense of empowerment and confidence that can’t be faked. And they make the booty look pretty good, too, which is always nice. =P

As you can see, I ended up having a great time flaunting my little green dress. We all have our insecurities — pieces of past negative thinking that make us self-conscious of certain parts. Whichever yours is, I hope that this post encourages you to be proud of every inch of your body. We’re taught over and over to hate our figures so we buy into the latest crash diet or quick fix. It’s about time we start loving ourselves, instead.

And when that beautiful moment happens, moments of body image jealousy are few and far between, and incredibly short-lived. Take it from me: it’s such a free way to live.





Dress (similar) by Charlotte Russe, Boots (similar) by Torrid

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