When most people think of eye-catching patterns, they think of spring fashion. So, what’s a girl like me – who love love loves print – supposed to do the other three seasons of the year? I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with my common refrain of tossing fashion “rules” to the side.

You guessed it – today on the blog, we’re marching right into fall with vibrant prints on full display.

That’s right, I’m taking my global-inspired border print dress with cold shoulders right into the fall season. The romantic, dark color palette helps this piece transition with ease. You may remember these wooden stacked heels from my last blog post, but what can I say? When heels are comfortable and cute, I’ma wear them nonstop.

Here in Texas, we can get away with flashing a substantial amount of leg well into October (heck, it was upwards of 90 degrees yesterday), but if you’re from a cooler climate, this eccentric mini dress pairs beautifully with tights and ankle booties, as well. You could even belt a cardigan around it for extra layering potential.

To me, this dress is a definite vacation staple. Its design and cut evoke an air of sophistication although it’s a casual piece. Just wearing it makes me daydream of being in Spain at Gran Café Gijón, sipping sparkling water and getting lost in a novel.

But, for now, I’ll stick to my slightly less glamorous life here in Houston, with really hot fall weather and even hotter fashion. Until next time, fashionistas, vaya con Dios.

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Photos by Wonderland Exchange

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