Like most things in life, my fashion sense is cyclical. I go from boho babe to fashion-forward diva to rocker chic to classic prep. I can’t tell you how long any given phase will last, or even what sparks the change–all I know is that it happens.

I will say that I think that when I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, I veer toward the rocker chic/punky combinations in my closet. That takes me back to high school Sarah-Jane, who used to have jam sessions with her friends (I always sang and/or played tambourine because I’m not gifted with instruments), hang out at Hot Topic, and pretend she knew how to skateboard.

Today’s look intertwines pieces of my past fashion sense with a bit of modern zeal. I incorporated some of my former favorites: color burst clip-in hair extensions, non-prescription oversized Hello Kitty glasses, and stiletto jeans. To make my look appear more like 27 year old Sarah-Jane than 16, I softened the edge with a white crochet trim top, color block tote bag, and pointy white heels. With these easy updates, I was able to wear this outfit to work on casual Friday without attracting raised eyebrows and questioning.

Do you ever remix looks of the past for modern day wear? I figure if the runways can do it with throwbacks to the 70s (suede, fringe, tortoiseshell) and most recently, 90s (chokers, overalls, crop tops), I can do a little fashion cycling of my own. No ifs, ands, or buts about it–this fashionista is ready for my favorite trends of the millennium to get an encore. Scroll through the pics to shop my 00’s-esque style!




Shop my style: Jeans by Torrid, Top (similar) by Forever 21Bag (similar) by Nine WestHeels by Shoe CarnivalClip-in Hair Extensions by Sally Beauty Supply, Glasses (gifted)

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