Slaying with Susan from #ALiberatedWoman

Happy Wednesday, bopo babes. You know, once in awhile, something really amazing happens. You meet another blogger and y’all just “click.” There’s something about her vibe, style, message and look that makes you think, “I know I’m going to learn from and grow with this person.” Well, remember when we talked about how to compete in a plus size model search and I talked about the importance of networking? Today’s plus size blogger collaboration post is proof of that. Susan Curry and I were both Top 12 Houston finalists in Ashley Stewart‘s 2017 model search.

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When I met Susan from A Liberated Woman, it was obvious to me: She’s going to be a game changer in the plus size industry. This girl is making moves, y’all. Easy to talk to, business-minded, and totally willing to try different concepts and ideas, I have no doubts that Susan will become a household name in plus size fashion sooner rather than later.

Giving the camera face in sexy, sassy ARTTwear pieces

Something that stands out to me about Susan is that on her blog’s “About Me” page, she states, “This is only the beginning!” It makes me smile because the phrase sums up her energy perfectly. Even though she’s already come a long way in the industry, she is forward-thinking and looking to the future. She inspires me to stay on top of my game, and has shown me how much hard work can really pay off.

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Needless to say, there will be much more of us working together in the future.

Another amazing partnership that came out of this experience was the opportunity to work with Mayshack Photography and model custom designed ARTTwear pieces. Mayshack Photography has mastered the art of what I like to call “capturing the curve.” Even I, someone who definitely does not consider herself to be a model, felt comfortable and natural in front of the camera. And as for ARTTwear? These Houston local designs are comprised of everything I love: comfortable and classy fashion that can fit whatever defines your style. From sexy to flirty to fun, the sky’s the limit on these pieces. I mean, just look at how rich and gorgeous the blue sequins on this dress are.


Another plus size blogger collaboration will be coming your way soon! Follow this powerhouse of teamwork on Instagram to stay on the pulse of future collaborative content:

Susan Curry

Mayshack Photography



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