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Happy Wednesday, honeybees. Today, I’m going to talk about something that I’ve never talked about on the blog before. And it’s something we all love/hate to talk about: breakups. Whether it’s breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, a job, or a friendship, at some point in the breakup cycle, we all hit a stride. The sadness is gone, the bittersweet feelings have dissipated and you start realizing how damaging the situation actually was.


And in that moment, something kind of badass happens. We turn into like, a super version of ourselves. We’re sexier, smarter and so much more independent. For me, getting a couple of new wardrobe pieces can help me reach that point of “moving on.” Slipping into this sassy Arianna bomber jacket from Xehar Curvy, for example, channeled that attitude. It’s an empowering feeling like, “I’m everything and if anyone else can’t see that, I don’t need them.”


So effortless and cool. Yet, the floral print gives it a touch of girly style. It’s the perfect topper to an everyday denim and cami outfit, and the perfect embodiment of idgaf vibes. Teamed up with a pair of nude block heels, this look goes from simple to standout real fast.


Lately, I’ll admit, I’ve been finding myself holding onto things that aren’t good for me. Dwelling on people and situations that don’t matter. I’m taking small steps, like exercising and listening to music, to carve out time for myself and reflect on what is contributing to my wellbeing and what is hindering it. If you find yourself doing the same thing, I encourage you to let go – no matter how difficult it is.

And always, always find the outfit that’s going to help you move past the bad situation and channel your inner diva.



Shop my style: Arianna bomber jacket by Xehar Curvycami and jeans from Torridblock heels from Shoe Carnival

*This jacket was gifted to me by Xehar Curvy, but all opinions are my own.



  1. Chanell says:

    Very well, written my friend <3

    1. sarahjanereign says:

      Thank you love bug – and thank you for always being there! <3

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