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I’ve been really happy to see florals everywhere this season. Lately, I feel like florals have been getting put on the back burner in favor of more unexpected prints (thanks, Devil Wears Prada, for making us insecure about wearing florals…hahaha). And I feel like those of us who identify as boss babes can sometimes feel funny about wearing such a “traditionally girly” print. But today, I’m laying those notions to rest: we can wear florals too, and wear them (you guessed it) like a boss.


I love fashion, but I’m also all about keeping it easy like Sunday morning. For a spring-to-summer style transition, you just can’t miss with a floral. And as y’all know, when I like something, I have to be extra with it. Florals on florals, you know? So, I hunted down the most gorgeous, over-the-top floral wall I could find, and struck a pose. Is that a carnation? I’m not sure, but I’m digging it either way.

This effortless halter maxi dress from Torrid accompanied me to Houston Tidbits’ Front Row kickoff party at Saks’ new 51fifteen restaurant. It made me feel gone-with-the-wind fabulous, especially since the dress fits so perfectly right below the bust and flows beautifully away slaying everything in its path in elegant fashion. Two details really made this dress stand out to me: the unique cut (hello, keyhole!) and the sheer overlay. Sheer overlays just have a way of elevating a look.


In the spirit of laid-back style (this party was, after all, during the workweek), I decided to let the florals speak for themselves, skipping the accessories. I also paired the dress with flat sandals because heels + Sarah-Jane + long dress = clumsy fall waiting to happen — nothing boss-like about that. Staying with this classic combination was perfect for a polished (but not too formal) look that suited me well for an evening of networking. I chatted about high fashion and blog life with impressive women from every background, from grad student to entrepreneur. In other news, how on trend is that marble floor detail?!  


And remember, honeybees, being a boss is more of an attitude than anything. If you want to step out in a pantsuit, I’m all for it. If you feel your most confident in a tulle skirt, rock on. Or, if you’re like me and just want to wear a floral maxi because you’re digging the vibe, go on with your bad self. It’s all about being fearlessly you. Xo


Shop my style: dress and sandals from Torrid


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