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Just north of Houston, there’s a hidden gem: Old Town Spring. It’s a little area of Spring, TX that’s dedicated to historical heritage and preservation. Made up of adorable little shops and eateries, it’s a great, low-key place to browse and feel like you stepped back in time. As a bonus, they’re constantly hosting festivals, from the Crawfish Festival to Home for the Holidays and everything in between.

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And speaking of stepping back in time, I never miss the opportunity to sport a good ol’ retro look, myself. This Retro Chic Sailor Swing Dress from Torrid is a perfect example. The swing style and length make it really playful and fun, not to mention the fact that it’s navy, which is a fave wardrobe color for me. Plus, pockets! I don’t actually use pockets, but they still make everything better.


Funny story behind this dress: it’s an online-only item, but someone had returned it to my local Torrid, so it was available in store. A few employees fell in love with it and each tried it on (this is a 1, about a 16, but there’s lots of stretch so it can fit a variety). For one reason or another (length, size, etc.), it just wasn’t quite right for any of them. And then I came along. So basically, you can call me Goldilocks, because I thought it was just right. ;P

Therefore, if you’re about a size 18 (give or take), about 5’3″ and dig the retro look, I’ll place my bets that you’re going to adore this dress. It’s definitely one of the most fun pieces in my closet right now!


Style it with white kitten heels, and you have an out-the-door outfit just like that. I think this one would also look oh-my-gosh-adorable with pinup style red heels. And maybe victory curls if you’re feeling extra. Extra retro chic, that is.

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