The Tango Sarah-Jane


Have I ever mentioned that way back in the day, I was a self-proclaimed theatre geek? I even majored in theatre for my first two years of college and had big dreams of being on Broadway (has a blogger-Broadway crossover ever happened? A Broadway cast of bloggers? Hm…). Anyways, that’s why there are two musical references in this blog post (title and uh, what I’m about to say in a minute).



One of the things that I love about shooting with Wonderland Exchange Photography is her direction. Every once in awhile, she throws some direction at me and my mind is like “wait, what?” but since I’m a go-with-the-flow kinda girl, I roll with it. And she hasn’t failed me yet.

When we came across this oddly placed piece of metal framing, Alice asked me, “Have you ever seen Chicago? Like the Cell Block Tango?”

Say no more, Alice. Say no more.




Pop, six, squish, Cicero, so on and so forth. Just the energy I needed to slay this look.

Oh, right. Back to the clothes. This dress is fun and flattering! The mix of vertical and horizontal stripes make me look a little taller than I actually am – always a welcome change. 😉

Plus, black and white is classic like Velma Kelly. These peep toe heels from White House Black Market complete the look with equally timeless appeal.





And yeah, it’s on the shorter side – but honestly, I’ve had this dress since last August so it’s very likely that I shrunk it, hahaha. It definitely was not always this short! I just don’t know how to follow care instructions. Which is probably also why I can’t keep a plant longer than a week. We all have things we need to work on, okay? 😛

Here’s a longer, current, similar black and white stripe dress option for your shopping pleasure! I’m honestly thinking of getting this one for myself – one of my colleagues owns it, and she rocked the heck out of it. Coworker wardrobe envy is real, y’all.


Oh, and speaking of interesting camera direction Alice gives me, check this one out! I call this “Sarah-Jane gets chased by giant fly and then stomps it to death.” Which is basically how I handle bugs in my home, too. I also overdramatize them in my head so they’re all about this size. Told you I love the theatre! 😉



Shop my style: Black & white dress (similar) & black pumps (similar)



  1. I absolutely love reading your blogs post photoshoot!

    1. sarahjanereign says:

      Why thank you – I’m so glad you enjoy them! Don’t ask me why I’m just seeing this comment now…hahaha whoops!

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