Ruffles: Not Just for Children

Whether your style is fashion-forward, classic, spunky, sporty or anything in between, I guarantee there’s a ruffle piece out there for you. And while, for many of us, the thought of wearing ruffles brings back bad memories of, oh, I don’t know … wearing a giant, frilly purple and orange ruffle bow 24/7 even though it didn’t match anything (thanks, mom), I’m pleased to announce that ruffles can definitely be worn in plenty of on-trend and beautiful ways. If you’re not sure how to work a little flounce into your wardrobe, keep reading to learn how to wear the ruffle trend.

live with less.

Hold onto your chairs, because what I’m about to tell you is not the popular opinion. When it comes to ruffles, I live by the mantra of “less is more.” Yes, I know that a dramatic, structured ruffle can inspire adoring strangers to yell “yas, queen” in your direction.

how to wear the ruffle trend

However, I find the overstated ruffle look falls flat easily and it’s also not practical for a lot of situations (ie: many would never wear that style to work). That’s totally okay! You do not have to do what everyone else does. Keep your ruffles minimal to add an elegant touch to any outfit. This ELOQUII green ruffle dress has an adorably dainty ruffle trim along the hem and sleeves, embracing the trend while staying approachable.

staying neutral.

Keeping in step with the minimal approach, stick to neutral accessories to enhance the impact of the ruffle. If I were to pair this dress with a bright purse and colorful shoes, the style statement would be centered around color. While that’s great, it’s not what I’m going for here, so I stuck to light beige accessories to focus on what I really want to highlight: textures.

Plus size ruffle dress eloquii

From the ruffle trim to the perforation on the boots to the studding on the crossbody bag, this outfit is rich with subtle textural elements. In the fall, texture is where I love to do my fashion flexing. It’s such a quiet statement, but one that gives your looks a lovely level of je ne sais quois.

How will you be rocking ruffles this season? Will you be going beautifully bold or subtly stated? No matter how you choose to style your fashionable flounce, I hope you do so with a generous dash of confidence and personal expression (because that’s what really matters).

eloquii ruffle dress green

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