Slay as You Sleigh: Crushed Velvet

As I celebrated “30 Days of Reign” (the loving nickname I gave to the fact that I spent the entirety of November celebrating my birthday), I came up with the idea to make December a month of Slay as You Sleigh. Street chic, unexpected twists on holiday looks. With holiday parties, get togethers, gift exchanges and other soirees packed into December, it seemed like a great opportunity to share some ideas with y’all.

That said, my holiday style is not at all traditional. I know you’re all shocked. Now, don’t get me wrong: I’ve been known to bust out a “Santa red” dress or a “so ugly it’s cute” sweater for festivities. But when it’s time to dress to impress, I prefer more trendy, head-turning options. Take this outfit, for example. Let me show you how this crushed velvet will have all the reindeer crushing on your super chic holiday style.

I know what you’re thinking. “Uh, Sarah-Jane, calm down. It’s really just jeans and a velvet cami.” But, my honeybees, the drama is in the details. I’ve slipped this bralette underneath for a hint of come-hither allure, and block heels with tie details to add an extra dash of visual interest. If you’re in a warmer climate like I am, this outfit is perfect as-is for those “let’s all get together while everyone’s home for the holidays” ladies’ nights that tend to happen at this time of year.

If you’re looking to layer on the luxe…

Talk about the trend of the season! This particular vest was lovingly borrowed from my photographer’s closet (Alice of Wonderland Exchange – we just have that kind of relationship now), but I’ve linked a similar, wallet-friendly piece for you at the end of this post. This spin on the look is for the fashionably bold only – it’s daring and playful, and sure to get a ton of compliments for its unique flair.

And, finally, if you’re looking for a nighttime look that can kick it, even in the cooler climates, look no further.


Add a duster coat to this outfit, and it’s more than everything – it’s all. All attitude. All eyes on me. All the time.

When you start with a truly versatile canvas – like this plus size crushed velvet cami with dark wash jeggings – the sky’s the limit on how many looks you can create. That mix-and-match spirit certainly comes in handy during this busy time of year, when you may be jingling and mingling from one event to the next on any given night. And with this serious style combo, you’ll be slaying as you sleigh no matter which option you choose!


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