Slay as You Sleigh: Green Light

Well, hello, gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by the second installment of Slay as You Sleigh, where we’re offering edgy spins on traditional holiday wear. Today, I want to talk about holiday colors: red, green, silver and gold are the ones I see in circulation most often. And although I love wearing these hues to festive events, sometimes, you just want something a little different. You know what I don’t see a whole lot of at Christmas parties? Camo.

This is me flexing the biceps I used to have but clearly don’t have any longer. 😛

It’s just what you need to wear green without looking like everyone else. While traditional holiday outfits look playful and merry, camo has a way of giving off sharp, bold, cool vibes. It’s back with a bang this season, and with good reason: It’s the one way to blend in and stand out at the same time (ha, get it?).

This military-inspired print has seen a resurgence everywhere lately, and there are so many ways to approach it with your own style. For example, this ELOQUII dress had me feeling wonderfully edgy. The cut was just right, providing a good amount of shape with an adjustable, self-tie belt to accentuate the silhouette. I like that it hits right about at the knee, because that means I can wear it anywhere without worrying about revealing too much.

The combination of weighty, structured fabric in a sleeveless style is perfect for the Houston climate, but if you’re in a colder area, there are some options for you as well. This dress looks great with a hip blazer, a crisp white button-down shirt worn underneath it, or even a cropped moto jacket. I’ve linked some options below that are all under $40:

Topper Options: BlazerWhite Shirt | Cropped Moto

The key to wearing camo in any setting is to keep the rest of your styling simple. I prefer to keep it classic with black accents, like these combo boots. And, of course, if you’re searching for a softer look to wear to your holiday soirees (think early Rihanna vs. Bad Girl RiRi), use a feminine color like ivory or blush to complement your camo.

Even a delicate pink lipstick does wonders to soften up the look!

This timeless print also pairs well with metallics and glitter to give the toughness a feminine touch, so don’t be afraid to add in a sparkly clutch or shiny gold hoop earrings. Camo is not just for daytime, and it’s certainly not just for the guys – it does have a place in your holiday get-together line-up, and it makes a real statement when it’s worn in unexpected settings.

Reign Report: I wore a casual camo sweater to my job’s Thanksgiving potluck, and everyone loved it! I was so shocked at how many people adore this print – that was my first indication that I needed to not sleep on the style factor of camo.

So, give it a try this season and report back! Ironic to its name, camouflage is one print that will not go unnoticed.




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