Slay as You Sleigh: Ruby Red

Hey, divas! I’ve been super happy about the response Slay as You Sleigh has gotten. It’s been so much fun for me to curate these looks for you, and today I’m bringing an outfit for you classic Christmas cuties. For those of us who just don’t feel like we’re celebrating the holidays to their fullest potential if we’re not sporting red.

(Red is my favorite color, so trust me, I get it. Cheerful, universally flattering on skin tones and hair shades – it’s defiitely a go-to color for me all winter long.)

If you want to rock red this holiday season, but you don’t want to blend into the sea of candy apple red outfits, try opting for a deep burgundy, like this Signature Studio crushed velvet dress, a real stunner.

You know know I’m all about mock necklines (they look fantastic on just about everybody). This dress is chic enough to do Christmas brunch with your friends, but modest enough to spend time with the fam.

And to bring the whole ensemble to the next level, can we talk about these booties for a moment? I’ll admit, when the embroidered trend started popping up everywhere earlier this year, I wasn’t a huge fan. But these shoes stole my heart. They are such a statement piece, and so visually striking.

If you’re worried about getting lost in the holiday outfit shuffle with a velvet red dress, these MIA boots are just the piece you need to ensure that your style stays in the spotlight where it belongs. They clock in at $80, and while I get plenty of use out of mine (and therefore, my money’s worth), I’ve also pulled this embroidered over the knee option that rings up at 1/4th of the price (yes, you read that correctly: $20 for boots!).

I always say, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing from the classics. If you want to wear red this holiday season, flaunt the heck out of it. Interesting touches like embroidery, crushed velvet and a great cut can help you do just that.

There’s one more installment of Slay as You Sleigh coming your way, so I hope you stay tuned! Thank you for fluttering in, honeybees!

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