Happy Wednesday, y’all! Every year as the seasons transition from summer to fall, I feel like I shed my skin and become a different person. Is that odd? Well, if you’re reading this, you should know by now: pretty much everything about me is a little bit odd. ;P

In particular, I mean that summer Sarah-Jane is a very specific side of my personality. She’s carefree and city chic and walks on the wild side. If I’m looking to try something new, summer is my season to throw caution to the wind and try it. It’s no coincidence that every time I’ve packed up and made a big move (think cross country or at least out of state), it’s been summertime. I also learned how to drive in the summer. Summer is my season to let my hair down and live a little.


And then fall rolls around. And I become a little more suburbia chic. I trade my iced green tea in for pumpkin spice lattes. My sky high heels for boots. My bright colors and crop tops for plaid. I also tend to settle down a little more at this time of year. Rarely will I stay out late. Lots of reading.

Today’s look is an homage to the fall-ready side of Sarah-Jane. It’s your classic September/October getup. Plaid shirt dress, wavy hair, knee high boots, dark lipstick. It’s all proper and pretty — nothing daring or too far outside of the box. That’s not to say it’s boring, because we don’t do anything boring around here, but it’s certainly more familiar than some of the outfits that summer Sarah-Jane struts around in. I hope you enjoy it, and until next time, keep slayin’. <3





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