Sweater Weather

Considering that it snowed (yes, snowed) here in Houston a couple of days ago, this seems like the perfect time to talk about winter. Also known as cuffing season or sweater weather, there’s no doubt that it’s the coziest time of year. But, let me be very clear: Cozy is not a synonym for frumpy.

There are so many ways to pull off a snuggly look that still boasts plenty of style factor. My favorite, of course, is to head to the details. Now, mind you, I shot this look when it was still hot hot hot here in Houston (aka, two weeks ago, haha), so you’ll have to pay attention to my cold weather hacks!


Lace-up details turn these comfortable, weekend errand leggings into edgy, street chic head-turners. Studded wooden block heels pump up the rocker chic vibes.

Cold weather hack: Layer bright, solid color leggings or tights underneath to add a pop of color and some extra warmth. Swap out the heels for your favorite pair of ankle booties.

I slipped a colorful bralette underneath my sweater for a cute and on-trend peekaboo detail. Bralettes have been one of my favorite fashion trends to rise to the surface over the last couple of years – from adding detail to helping cover up cleavage on low-cut tops, they are an absolute must-have item in my wardrobe.

Cold weather hack: Layer a charcoal grey cami under this sweater. The pattern of charcoal sweater – black lace-up – charcoal cami will create a multidimensional effect and a hint of je ne sais quois.

At the heart of it, this outfit is really just a sweater and leggings. But wearing this ensemble out and about town, I got so many compliments that I would have never gotten had I just been wearing solid black leggings and a grey sweatshirt. It just goes to show that with a little extra effort, even your coziest outfits can be far from basic.




  1. Art says:

    Awesome read!! Very nice!!

    1. sarahjanereign says:

      Thank you, Art! Xoxo

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