The Queen Bee’s Signature Style: AKA How to Dress Like Sarah-Jane

For all my ride or die honeybees (love you all so much), nothing that I write in this post is going to come as a surprise to you. I honestly don’t know what sparked this thought – except for the fact that my mind is always thinking up something random – but I was thinking about Halloween recently (I’m as confused as you are) and I thought to myself:

If someone dressed up as SarahJaneReign for Halloween, I wonder what they would wear? 

So, in the spirit of fun, I put together an outfit with the five non-negotiable elements I think you’d have to have in order to emulate my look:

If any of y’all decide to give this a whirl, you better tag me in those photos – I would absolutely love to repost on my Instagram and here on the blog. You don’t even have to wait for Halloween! Just wear “The Sarah-Jane” for a great everyday look!

Here’s my spin on it: I hope you enjoy. <3

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