These Are the Accessories You Need This Fall (and what you can skip!)

About a year ago, I decided that my personal style needed to level up. Sure, I could find cute clothes to wear, and even great shoes. But I was missing that little extra something: accessories. And since I prefer to invest in high quality clothing (over fast fashion, for example), there’s not a whole lot of budget left over for accessories.

Best accessories for plus size fall fashion

That said, they can definitely enhance an outfit, so I highly recommend having at least a few signature items that mix and match well with your fall wardrobe. And these are the three best fall accessories that I find myself using again and again.

let’s get waisted.

Get that silhouette snatched with a wide belt that you can use to enhance so many looks, from simple to edgy. My go-to choice this fall has a corset detail, adding a small hint of gothic glam to any outfit I pair it with. The lovely thing about the wide belt is that you can tailor it to your style personality. With options ranging from big, bold buckles to dainty lace, there’s a belt for every fashionista.

plus size wide belts for fall

Style tip: Try it with a tunic or oversized tee and leggings for an everyday look. Or, use it to cinch a flowy dress to give added definition.

hatters gonna hat.

In the fall, I believe that nothing cranks up the style factor quite like a hat. If you’re a people watcher like me, you can’t go to an outdoor shopping center, farmer’s market or coffeeshop right now without seeing this classic fall favorite accessory atop at least a couple heads.

plus size felt fedora fall fashion 2018

And the hat to rule them all this season? The felt fedora. Whether you go for a standard fit like mine pictured here, or a more floppy option, you really can’t go wrong. I actually picked up a couple this fall – black and brown – because they can be matched with just about everything in my closet.

Style tip: Running late for an outing? As long as dress code allows, skip styling/teasing/bothering with your hair, and finish your outfit with a hat! I slip mine on, then curl/straighten/wave/braid what’s visible. Such a time saver!

soft and snuggly style.

Everything faux fur has actually been in style for several seasons now (I can date back to 2014, at least). But I’ve always shied away from this trend. It just didn’t seem like a necessary purchase. Then I noticed that lots of my absolute favorite looks from my fellow fashionistas happen to involve a faux fur accessory – more specifically, a faux fur scarf.

plus size faux fur scarf fall 2018

But with these ones from Asos at such a great price, it really didn’t break the bank and it truly does elevate my fall fashion.

Style tip: Wear your faux fur scarf (and other faux fur accessories, too) with deep jewel tones and animal print booties to maximize the luxe effect. It looks extra chic.

what i’m passing on.

Of course, when you’re trying to stretch your spend to purchase only accessories you know you’ll use, it can be a real bummer to buy something you end up not loving. Here are three fall accessories that I found just don’t work well for my personal style:

  • Blinged out chandelier earrings: Arguably one of the hottest accessory trends this fall. I love the added sparkle, but my ears are too sensitive and I hate when they feel weighed down!
  • Western belts: I think these just don’t pair well with what exists in my closet. Since the purpose of this post is to work with what I have right now, this is an accessory that doesn’t quite mesh.
  • Gloves: If I were still living in New York, these would be on my must-have list. In Houston, they’re just not practical. And let’s be real, I’m constantly on my phone, and gloves would just get in the way. Definitely invest in good gloves if you’re in a cooler climate!
the only plus size accessories you need this fall

So, there you have it! Three of my must-have accessories for the season, and three that I would skip. I find that having these three items on hand allow me to have more fun and flexibility with my fall finds than anything else I’ve come across. What are you using to complement your looks right now? I’d love to hear all about it!