Traveling into Fall with Easy On-the-go Plus Size Fashion

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We are well into fall, which means I’ve restated my love for the season at least a couple dozen times. Well, we’re not done yet! Today, I’m going to tell you about one more thing I love about fall: traveling.
Plus size travel outfit
During this season, cities and towns just seem to have so much charm about them. It’s the perfect time of year to explore a new area, see the sights, try the local cuisine, do a little shopping, and make memories that will keep you warm and fuzzy through the winter. Whether you’re flying or hitting the road, when you travel, it’s important to dress appropriately. That does not mean you have to sacrifice looking cute! Let’s take a look at how I approach the season’s adventures ahead with easy plus size fashion for traveling.

really happy, really comfortable.

Believe it or not, you can look really travel-chic wearing jeans and a t-shirt. That’s right – a good ol’ pair of jeans and a tee. The classic combo. Here’s how to do exactly that without looking more basic than a pumpkin spice latte (I’m sorry, PSL, I love you but I couldn’t resist the comparison).

Plus size travel outfit

Every fashionista should own at least one pair of what I call “splurge” jeans. This is a go-to piece of denim that perhaps has a higher price tag than you’d usually pay for casual wear, but it makes up for it in quality. The tailored fit of this denim with its smooth finish provides both form and function. Spending the extra bit on quality will work wonders for you. High-end jeans just look and, more importantly, feel more luxurious. And when you feel great, your confidence skyrockets.

Next, take a top in a rich, luscious color. Even better if it has some sort of detail, like buttons, a ruffle or an interesting cut. I swooned for this teal. Style it alongside your upscale denim, and you have the beginning workings of a gorgeous travel outfit.

tipping the hat.

When I’m in the air or behind the wheel, my hair is the first thing to look travel-weary. I used to try and solve it by throwing my hair in a bun or a ponytail. However, I have a lot of hair and it’s prone to getting oily – do you know what that looks like piled in a messy bun? Messy. And not in a good way.

After that, I tried traveling with dry shampoo (one of my must-have products). And it was better, but I still felt like my hair couldn’t regain it’s shape … especially when I’m on a plane and my hair shapes to the seat. What’s the fashionista’s logical solution? A hat!

plus size travel fashion tips

Toss a hat over your look, and no one will be any wiser. Hats, like a wide brim fedora, lend instant fashion factor to your outfit. And cover up even the worst bad hair days.

bead it.

Finally, I layer an on-trend accessory or two to complete the look. One thing I am really into this season are beaded necklaces. This multi-layer piece was right up my alley. So simple, yet so chic. Perfect for travel.


how to wear a hat plus size

My second contemporary accessory I’ve actually had long enough for it to come back into style! My good ol’ Betsey Johnson weekender highlights the season’s metallic and animal print trends, packing a one-two punch of posh.

And that’s all there is to it! Majorly cute and majorly easy outfit inspo for your next adventure. Where are you off to this season? I want to hear all about it – leave me a comment, or hit me up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


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