We Belong Together: Color Coordinating without Looking Matchy-Matchy

When I was little, you know what my favorite game was? Memory. No joke. I loved finding the pairs. So, looking back, it’s no surprise that I still love matching things together. I played matchmaker with my friends. I’m a little bit obsessed with even numbers, aka multiples of two. I think twins are the absolute cutest. And, when it comes to clothing, I love to color coordinate and match up elements of each outfit.

That said, I get it. There’s a fine line. If you don’t handle matching colors with finesse, you can end up looking like a mannequin gone wrong, or looking like 50 shades of flat. Hard pass.


easy does it

The best way to ease into coordinating colors? Keep it simple.

By using black – a color that arguably matches everything – as an anchor color for my skater skirt and caged belt, this outfit leaves lots of room to play. I bring in other monochromatic colors, including grey and white, to add some dimension. This method is perfect for beginners, because it’s so easy to pull off, and yet it looks super chic.

for the fun of it

I know that y’all are probably sick of hearing me say this, but fashion should be fun. So, I believe that with any outfit, you should have one piece that really kicks up the fun.

For this ensemble, I chose these amazing half & half booties from Ashley Stewart. They’re solid glitter on one half and graffiti city print on the other. In a black, white and silver palette, they manage to spotlight my playful side while staying true to the monochrome color scheme I’m going for.

the fine print

If you look closely on my t-shirt, you’ll notice that there’s a baby pink border around the “Fashion Blogger” graphic. And these details are exactly what you want to watch out for when you’re looking to color coordinate. Their subtlety makes them easy to miss, but when you draw attention to them, it shows how much attention to detail you have.

I played up the pink border with a matching Kate Spade pink suede crossbody purse. Together, they add just the right amount of color to take this outfit to the next level.

If you don’t have a matching bag, you can accomplish the same height of cute coordination by matching the print to a pair of tights, an accent piece of jewelry or even your manicure! When you start off with small steps like these, you’ll quickly find that coordinating an outfit isn’t nearly as tricky or intimidating as it first seems.

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