What to Wear to A Blogger Event

Written by sarahjanereign

Happy Thursday, babes! We’re almost at the weekend, and I have some great stuff going on this weekend (in addition to one not-so-great trip to the dentist, ugh). I have a blog shoot planned (yay!) and an evening blog birthday party to attend.

Let me talk to you about fear for a moment. As a blogger, a true fear for me is going to a blogger event and not knowing what to wear. Will I be overdressed? Underdressed!? Some of my city’s most stylish fashionistas — women who I look up to and follow, myself — are present at these events, and of course, I want to make a great first impression.

When I first started out, I never knew what to wear for these occasions. At one of the first I attended, I had a killer pair of heels that earned me plenty of compliments, but the problem was that they also killed my poor feet. So I only stayed for about a half hour, which put a damper on my plans to network and get to know other bloggers. Since then, I’ve learned from my past missteps. This is an outfit I wore to a recent event at Kendra Scott:

I felt stylish and composed, and not at all uncomfortable; basically a win on every level. That said, here are my top few tips for what to wear to your local blogger events:

  • Comfortable footwear: this is not a time to try a new pair of heels for the first time, unless you’re much braver than I am. Sore feet and pinched toes are an easy way to stay distracted and uneasy, taking your energy away from having fun and meeting new people!
  • Choose accessories wisely: my mama always says to put on all of your accessories, then remove one. That piece of advice has stuck with me as I’ve grown older. For this particular preview, I stuck with a statement silk scarf that my friend Haley of Red Rhinestone bought for me on her recent trip to Rome!
  • Dress for the event: Most of these events don’t have a dress code, which for me is the most difficult part. But if the it’s a spring soiree, it’s totally acceptable to bust out your floral prints and lightweight fabrics. At evening parties you’ll see plenty of sparkle and darker shades.
  • Travel lightly: As much as I love my go-to Kate Spade satchel, I highly recommend swapping your larger bags out for a wristlet or crossbody. Trading business cards and contact info is so much easier when you don’t have to dig around.
  • Check the weather: Now I really am starting to sound like my mother. Nothing is worse than wearing a chunky cable knit sweater dress and fleece-lined leggings on the one day the temperatures decide to climb. Or a breeze-catching skater skirt on a particularly windy day. Or a mini dress and sandals when it’s freezing. You get the idea.

For me, I feel a lot more confident and ready to be a social butterfly when my outfit is on point and I don’t have to “think” about it too much, aka no tugging or adjusting or checking. This midi dress paired with super comfy wedges were the perfect ensemble pieces for a day of previewing Kendra Scott‘s spring jewelry collection.

Above all, have fun with your fashion! I hope these tips will encourage you to get out there and have a blast at your next blogger event. Make a fellow style-obsessed friend, learn a tip or two about growing your blog, and challenge yourself to try out a new situation. Until next time, happy blogging divas!

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