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*The dress featured in this post was gifted to me from XeharCurvy. All opinions are my own!

Hey honeybees! Today, I’m going to talk to you about XeharCurvy, a plus-friendly brand who reached out to me a few weeks ago to collaborate. I had never heard of them before, but one look through their online store and I had a good feeling. After all, I’m always on the hunt for trendy plus size dresses. The first thing I noticed was the current, on-trend selection. As y’all know, I think it’s so important for curvy fashionistas to have chic options available to them. Xehar Curvy is right in line with the latest and greatest, unveiling a world of style possibilities (and at fair price points, as well).


The second thing I noticed was that they showcase a range of plus size body diversity. In other words, not all of their plus size models are the lower range of plus (think size 12 and 14). While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a size 12 or 14, I definitely appreciate when brands show what their clothing looks like on a size 18 and up sized body, and not just what society deems “acceptable plus.”

As a size 18/20, I was happy to try out one of their dresses and help others see what their clothing looks like on someone who has a visible belly outline, a full bust, rolls, and, to be frank, quite a bit of junk in the trunk.


I have to say, I never thought I’d say this about a yellow dress, but I’m pretty head over heels. Total side track: I’ve been wearing a lot of yellow lately for the first time in my life, and I’m really loving it.

This dress is flirty and lightweight, which makes it an awesome choice for summer. I added in a brown belt for a bit of accessory action, but you can wear this lovely dress as-is if you’re concerned about length (a concern that I, as a shortie, do not often have to worry about). I originally was going to pair this dress with knee high brown boots that matched the belt perfectly, but then I ruined said boots while getting dressed. So I just slipped on my go-to block heels because I was busy trying not to sweat out my blowout. I mean, it gets hot in Houston, y’all.

Just pretend I’m wearing really chic knee high brown boots, okay? Do me a favor. Just this once. 😛


Another thing I love about this brand is how dedicated they are to forming a community. They regularly host events and parties, online workshops and other fun experiences for their followers. If you’re looking for trendy plus size dresses, definitely keep them on your radar. And make sure you check out their website, and follow them on Instagram so you don’t miss out on any giveaways or events!

Big thank you to Mayshack Photography for helping me capture this look (and for putting up with my clumsy self during the shoot, haha!)

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